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Knowledgeable law firm helps with end of life planning

When you are going through tough financial times or you realize that a loved one needs security, an attorney can guide you toward the best resolution. At Macauley Law Group, I understand the pressures of overwhelming debt as well as the concerns of how to provide for your family once you are gone. Debt and long-term financial planning can be complicated, but I have a record of helping clients achieve effective results. I handle a variety of matters related to estate planning. Whether you need to clear medical debt, dissolve a business, petition for probate or draft a will, I will provide sound advice so you can move forward with confidence.

Dedicated lawyer to fight for your rights

Picking an attorney you can rely on is a critical part of obtaining a good outcome to your matter. Clients have trusted me with their legal concerns because I consistently provide:

  • Innovative thinking — Every situation is unique, which is why I recognize the need for creative solutions to complex problems and will use my knowledge and experience to develop strategies that work for your specific issue.
  • Details of long-term consequences — Your finances are a chief concern when filing for establishing an estate plan, and you need reliable information to make informed decisions. I have a detailed understanding what to expect and will provide the sound advice you need.
  • Knowledge of the applicable laws — Understanding how the law applies to your case is essential to deciding how best to proceed. My detailed understanding of the law will be used to make thoughtful decisions designed to give your case the best chance of success.

If you have legal questions, but are unsure if you need a lawyer, I can assess your situation and help you determine how best to address your concerns.

Reliable counselor provides strong representation to individuals and businesses

I fight for residents and business owners throughout Nevada and California in the following legal matters:

  • Estate planning — Some decisions are important enough to require the advice and guidance of an attorney, especially those related to estate administration and planning. I can help you draft a will that specifies how you want your assets distributed upon your death, create a living will which allows you to control the course of medical treatment in the event that you become incapacitated and extraordinary measures might be required to prolong your life. I will give your situation the attention it needs to reach the best solution for your circumstances.
  • Probate and estate administration — For those who have been named executors or administrators of a deceased loved one’s estate, navigating the probate process alone can be difficult. I can help you locate beneficiaries, distribute the property according to the decedent’s will and perform other tasks that are necessary in order to settle the estate. 

I have been assisting clients for more than 30 years, and I am committed to helping people find peace of mind for themselves and their loved ones.

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Macauley Law Group in Reno represents residents and businesses in estate planning matters. Please contact my office to schedule a free consultation at one of my locations.