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Knowledgeable Nevada attorney assists with debt relief matters

When debts start to pile up, the consistent stress can quickly become overwhelming. At the Reno-based Macauley Law Group, I help clients seek relief from this burden through the bankruptcy process. Bankruptcy can offer the fresh start you need to get your finances back on track, and I represent individuals and businesses throughout Nevada in Chapter 7, 11 and 13 filings, as well as direct negotiation of debt relief. With more than 30 years of experience, I understand the pressures that arise from large debts and know how to use the legal process to offer the best possible outcome. Whether you need to discharge credit card debt, restructure your business or receive an analysis of your debt load, I will consider all available legal options to relieve your financial strain.

Experienced lawyer fights for individuals experiencing creditor harassment

A serious illness or another unexpected event has the potential to throw families and businesses into financial chaos, and creditors are not always interested in why you cannot pay. Depending on the type of debt you hold and your desire to retain certain assets, individuals can file for: 

  • Chapter 7 A liquidation process that wipes out nonexempt debts and is good for those who primarily have consumer debt, such as medical bills or credit card balances. I analyze which property should be exempted from liquidation and work to ensure you keep as many assets as possible. 
  • Chapter 13 This option offers a three to five year repayment plan for individuals with regular income and allows debtors the opportunity to keep their home. To take the burden off of you, I deal with creditors to negotiate a workable repayment schedule and/or reduction in the interest rate.

Do not wait until things completely fall apart to seek legal advice. I can help you understand your legal options and give you the tools to get out from underneath overwhelming debt.

Dedicated advocate helps distressed businesses navigate Chapter 11 proceedings

When business capital or cash flow is depleted, borrowing money may become a necessity. If debt gets too high, closing the doors may be necessary if changes are not made. Chapter 11 bankruptcy is an option for companies seeking to restructure their debt and keep the business running. It offers the ability to obtain revised debt terms from creditors if internal changes are made to operations to support long-term solvency. If you want to keep to your company going, allow me to assess your situation and give you sound advice in order to come up with a workable solution.

Skilled attorney negotiates on behalf of debtors

Negotiating directly with creditors can be intimidating. You may not know what to say or be familiar with the law related to debt settlement. I can even the playing field and strongly negotiate on your behalf to help you receive a fair offer. In addition, I can perform a general debt analysis to assist you with determining whether direct settlement with creditors or bankruptcy is best for you. Let me use my years of experience to give you an advantage in debt relief.

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